Philly Is collects quotes past and present about Philadelphia, PA.

The site runs on a Pantheon-hosted installation of WordPress Multisite.

The theme is based on Bootstrap, and uses Timber as the templating language and FieldManager as the metadata framework. WuFoo is used for the submission form, because it was easy. This will probably change in the near future. And so it was.

Typekit is used for web fonts. Quotes and quotees are displayed in Franklin Caslon, which was created by P22 and the Philadelphia Museum of Art to celebrate Ben Franklin's tricentennial. Ben Franklin was a trill dude. As part of a cost reduction move, Typekit was removed from this site in July 2016.

The logo was designed by Ellie Skrzat. Buy and/or commission her work; she's insanely talented.

The site is curated by @davisshaver, who just wanted to do something with the domain. He's easy to contact, if you are inclined to give feedback, and would love to hear about your WordPress-related ideas and projects.